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Shipment Q&A

Why is the shipping fee so expensive?

We ship your product safe and intact. This is all we care about. By using high standard of shipping boxes, we are 100% sure that your product is shipped with the best condition.

How is your shipping process work?

Here is the step of our shipping:

  1. We assign the ideal products location from our warehouse by receiving your order(s).
  2. We ship your order(s) out upon the arrival of products to our warehouse.
Why don't you just send the product out directly from your warehouses?

That’s our previous way sending products. After the breakout of COVID-19, we were restricted by doing so by laws. Amendment was made and you could check the details here.

What do these order status mean?
  • On Hold

You placed order(s) but the payment has not been made. Please finish the payment process by instructions in order to get the product shipped.

  • Pending Payment

We did not receive your payment even through you transferred the funds. This will seldom happen because of the delay of payment system. Please wait for a business day for the payment confirmation.

  • Processing

We have successfully received your payment. We are now handling and processing your order as fast as we could.

  • Intl Shipping Label Created

Your package(s) is ready for the international shipping.

  • In Transit

Your package(s) is shipped.

  • Custom Clearance

Standard international procedures for checking and examining packages.

  • Final Transition

Your package(s) is heading to the customers destination.

  • Packing Your Orders

Your package(s) is arrived your city and your are 1-2 days away from getting your package(s).

What if I need to change my shipping address?

We can not do anything about this once your order was shipped. However, you could still message us or change it via local call with postman when your package(s) is arrived in your city.

Can I get same day delivery?

No. At least 2-5 days with local shipping. 


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