Delivery Rates:

Due to the COVID-19, we are expecting more days for delivery.

We ship your package(s) within 1-7 +7 business days. 

Your tracking information will be available within 1-7 +7 days and you will be able to track it all time.

Delivery Rate(s);

United States: 5-14 Days
Ireland & UK: 3-7 Days
Europe: 14-30 Days
France: 10-18 Days
Spain: 10-18 Days
Netherlands: 10-25 Days
Germany: 20-40 Days
Canada: 15-40 Days (Most Products within 20 days)
Australia: 15-30 Days
Russia: 12-25 Days
Turkey: 17-35 Days
U.A.E & Saudi Arabia: 20-39 Days
South Africa: 20-50 Days
Other African Countries: 20-45 Days
South America (Inc. Mexico, Brazil): 25-60 Days
Colombia & Chile: 20-39 Days
Asian Countries: 14-30 Days
Japan & South Korea: 14-25 Days
New Zealand: 4-12 Days
Hong Kong: 7-21 Days
Taiwan: 10-20 Days
Thailand: 10-20 Days
Singapore: 8-20 Days
India: 15-35 Days
Israel: 15-32 Days

Note: We don’t ship to Iran due to security problems.

If you want to learn exact delivery days of your country, please email us at with your item name. 

If you do not receive within those days, please add +10 More days due to custom rules. Sometimes your country’s customs can hold your package more than usual due to busyness especially during the holiday season like Christmas.

Where do you ship?

We ship our products Worldwide including all countries in the world.

So you don’t need to worry about “If we ship to your country?” – Yes we do.

U.A.E Customers:

You must provide a valid PO BOX, otherwise we will not be able to ship your products. Emirates Post do not have home deliveries. Instead they deliver to a PO BOX and call you.

Shipping Address: 

We only accept ENGLISH letters on shipping addresses. Please do not use your own language including Russian, Chinese etc. while setting your delivery address. Otherwise, we will require a confirmation E-MAIL about your address in English letters.

Where are you base?

We have offices in Hong Kong / United Kingdom / United States.

You could expect your products to be shipped from United Kingdom/ United States.

We are the best leading electronic store, and we work with the biggest and high quality factories across the world. 

How to track?

Due to the COVID-19, please allow us extra working days for shipping.

Your tracking information will be available within 1-7 +7 days and you will be able to track it in your account dashboard/email all time.

You could also access the tracking page via “My Account Page”.


Where can I find my tracking number?

Please note that, we ship our products within 1-7 +7 business days. 

Tracking numbers are automatically e-mailed to you after shipping. Basically, our system works fully automated. 

Our warehouse ships -> enters the tracking -> you get an e-mail from us.

You should see this section if your products are shipped.

Can I shop laptop/cell phone that are not list in your website?

Definitely you could!

The service life of an electronic device is short.

We only list up-to-date/latest model products. Take a time frame, electronic product produced before 2018 will not be listed on our website. However, it does not mean we do not have the oldest model. 

Contact us what you need and we’ll get you one!

What is your product condition?

NEW In Condition.

Please note that we do not sell pre-owned and open box products. All of our products are in Brand New / Sealed condition.

Product comes with manufacturer warranty?


You have to purchase a warranty if you wish.

Can I purchase a single item in the product add-on section?


Products in our add-on section such as AirPods and AppleCare are in a lower price than the marketing sale prices. If you want to enjoy our beneficial prices, you have to purchase the item with the main product together.


You can pay with PayPal which is World’s most safest payment option for Online Shopping.

Credit Card Payment

You can safely pay with your Credit Card, Bank Card, or Debit Cards on our website. 

We use a system called 2checkout (World’s leading & most safest) Credit Card payment company.

Please do not hesitate paying with Credit Card.

Bank Transfer:
Bank Transfer Guideline and Limitation:

For US Bank:

  • Only ACH (US local bank) transfers in USD can be accepted
  • Transfers must be made from a company account
  • Transfers from individuals will be automatically rejected
  • Wire transfers are not supported

For UK Bank:

  • Only BACS and Faster Payments Service (UK local bank) transfers in GBP can be accepted
  • Transfers must be made from a company bank account
  • Transfers in USD will be automatically rejected
  • Wire transfers are not supported

For EUR Bank:

  • Only SEPA (European local bank) transfers in EUR can be accepted
  • Transfers in USD will be automatically rejected and may result in this service being suspended
  • Wire transfers are not supported
Cash on delivery?

This option is generally not acceptable.

Returning a product:

After receiving your product, you have 30 days to return it back to our warehouse in original condition.

If you want to return a product for some reason, you must cover the shipping fee of return. 

We don’t pay shipping fees on any kind of return. 

Please contact with us at with your order number, for your return requests. 

Our support team will provide you the return address and all details about it.

I received a wrong product!

It can happen very rarely, but our warehouses may make mistakes time to time during busy shipping seasons.

No worries, we will not ask you to return the wrong product.

All you need to do is to contact with us at with your ORDER NUMBER, and ORIGINAL PHOTO of the product you received.

Our support team will investigate this problem within 24 hours, and arrange you a replacement as soon as possible.

Refund an order:

Normally we WILL NOT accept refund because it will pose a negative impact on our credibility to the bank.

You may visit our refund policy here.

Please have all the doubts clear before making purchase.

If you need help, please contact our support team:


Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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